Financial Services

    • Client: E*Trade
    • Campaign: Omni /Stress Relief
    • Using a Linkstorm menu, E*Trade is able to promote multiple products (i.e. trading, banking, mobile pro) to prospective clients in a single creative. After selecting a product of interest, a secondary menu allows clients to link directly to the offer of their choice.

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    • Client: Schwab
    • Campaign: Talk to Chuck
    • Displaying the creative flexibility of Linkstorm, the familiar "Talk to Chuck" speech bubble becomes a cascading menu, allowing customers to select amongst the brokerages many product offerings.

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    • Client: Sharebuilder
    • Campaign: Buy Stocks Broker Button
    • A 120x60 button with previously limited messaging is transformed into a dynamic expandable ad unit, surfacing multiple clickable offers for potential Sharebuilder customers.

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    • Client: Fidelity
    • Campaign: Active Trader
    • Want to Trade like a pro? Fidelity uses a Linkstorm menu to educate active traders about their different trading tools, rates, and exclusive services.

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