Financial Services

    • Client: Liberty Mutual
    • Campaign: Commercial Markets 2013
    • Liberty Mutual returned to Linkstorm in 2013 to once again help maximize their highly-targeted content media purchases and continue to drive sign-ups for their Commercial Markets campaign. Using Linkstorm, Liberty Mutual drove consumers to Case Studies, Whitepapers, Videos and specialized articles.

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    • Client: Schwab
    • Campaign: Options Express 2013
    • Utilizing Linkstorm technology again, Schwab was looking to maximize their ROI opening new accounts. By exposing consumers to three of their top products and detailing the top bullet points of each, consumers were able to see the tools available to them directly within the ad without having to click through to the website.

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    • Client: Prudential
    • Campaign: Master Brand Campaign
    • Consumers were able to select a particular choice in a poll and then have the poll results calculated instantly and presented back to them right within the ad, as well as receiving Prudential-specific content most appropriate to their interest including video, whitepapers, et cetera.

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    • Client: Fidelity
    • Campaign: Active Trader
    • Want to Trade like a pro? Fidelity uses a Linkstorm menu to educate active traders about their different trading tools, rates, and exclusive services.

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