CAMPAIGN: Nasonex Instant Savings

With a wide array of information to convey about their product, nasal allergies, and a desire to promote special offers, Linkstorm provides the solution Nasonex seeks. The menu surfaces all the key information for consumers and also provides a coupon that can be received either by email or by phone text.

Johnson & Johnson

CAMPAIGN: Topamax Self Identification

The menu allows consumers to identify themselves and their respective need from amongst Topamax interest groups (i.e. I have migraines, I have a prescription, I am taking Topamax, etc.) and view the information they seek quickly. Additionally, a button provides a direct link for consumers interested in a free trial offer.

Abbott Labs

CAMPAIGN: Humira HCP Campaign

Looking to advertise the benefits of Humira to HCPs, Abbott Labs designed a Linkstorm unit which identified the diseases Humira would be used to treat, as well as providing Clinical Study data and allowing doctors and medical facilitators to order injection kits right from the unit.

Boehringer Ingelheim

CAMPAIGN: Tradjenta HCP Campaign

Utilizing Linkstorm technology, Tradjenta was able to include the required Important Safety Information (ISI) required by the FDA while still retaining lots of "messaging bandwidth" for actually marketing the product to HDCPs, such as dosage info, study data and discounts.