CAMPAIGN: Small Business

Looking to reach both BtoB and BtoC consumers, Dell architected a Linkstorm unit that provided both specific products as well as product lines. In addition, they wanted to garner attention to their unique content by providing links for whitepapers, seminars and specific articles.



IBM used one of Linkstorm's video solutions to enable consumers to gain valuable information from five global CIOs. After rolling over the ad banner, consumers are able to select which of the five featured CIOs they want to hear from. After making a selection, the video of choice begins playing. This ad drove a 17x lift in CIO lead-gens.

Computer Associates

CAMPAIGN: Security Management Software

CA used a Linkstorm menu to enable consumers to explore their IT security solutions. After identifying what solution they are most interested in, consumers can see product benefits, read success stories, and directly download the corresponding white papers from the ad unit.



Cisco approached Linkstorm looking to educate companies in their cloud applications. Using the Linkstorm technology, Cisco was able to expose Directors, C-level executives and VPs to three of their top cloud-based products using video, case studies and whitepapers.