• Client: Blackberry
    • Campaign: Curve
    • With a Linkstorm menu overlay, a standard 300x250 banner is transformed into an immersive experience; allowing users to read through BlackBerry Curve features, see phones and purchase from the wireless provider of their choice.

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    • Client: Verizon
    • Campaign: Smart Phones
    • Cascading seamlessly right from the left, the fixed-position menu enables customers to choose between Smartphones, BlackBerry Devices, and Promotions. Secondary navigation surfaces specific phones and offers.

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    • Client: Virgin Mobile
    • Campaign: Unlimited Nights and Weekend
    • A banner "rollover" surfaces 5 no annual contract phones eligible for the "Unlimited Nights and Weekends" offer. Selecting the phone of their choice, a secondary menu displays a large image of the phone and allows users to link directly to details, payment plans, and offers.

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    • Client: AT&T
    • Campaign: Free Phones
    • Taking advantage of the vertical dimensions of a 160x600 banner, the Linkstorm menu displays 4 free camera phones from users to choice from. After rolling over their phone of choice, users are provided with features, offer details, and are a click away from purchase.

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