CAMPAIGN: Holiday 2013

After the famous death of the negotiator, Priceline was looking to educate travel consumers on their offerings as well as expose them to the negotiator's return. Using Linkstorm technology, Priceline was able to offer newsletter signups, drive users to book a flight/hotel/car as well as allow them to view the latest video.


CAMPAIGN: Caesars Packages

After unfurling the Linkstorm menu, guests can view and select a package category of interest (i.e. dinning, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.) and further select from amongst specific different offers within the category - sending them directly to the reservation page.

Meritus Hotels

CAMPAIGN: Christmas Spectacular

Meritus reached out to Linkstorm in 2013 looking to expose Singapore travelers to the benefits of the Mandarin Orchard hotel. With the help of Linkstorm technology, Meritus was able to detail the features available to guests as well as offer up all holiday deals while still driving bookings.

La Quinta

CAMPAIGN: Reach Campaign

La Quinta was looking to book travelers nationwide to their abundance of hotels. As their prices changed on a daily basis, La Quinta was able to utilize Linkstorm technology in conjunction with a custom XML feed to update the prices regularly and drive bookings with the latest prices.