Enhance performance by bringing utility to your online ad campaign.

Linkstorm increases click-through rates and conversions:

By being more useful to the customer by overlaying cascading navigation menus onto any ad unit, connecting users faster to the information they want.

Retail Financial Services Direct Response Campaign

Result: 243% greater CTR and 185% greater conversions than the non-Linkstorm ad in a/b test.

B2B Technology Branding Campaign

Result: Twice as many click-throughs compared to the non-Linkstorm version of the ad.

In-flight optimization

Based on click behavior, a menu's content and design can be optimized in real time without having to recreate or retraffic the banner ad.

What we measure:

  • Impressions: Number of ads served
  • Menu Unfurls: Number of user interactions with the ad
  • Hover Time: Length of time users spend interacting with menus
  • Click-Throughs: Number of clicks on each menu link
  • Conversions: Post-click actions

Supported by leading publishers and networks

Certified across more than 450 of the largest portals and ad networks worldwide.